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did infinite run out of props? hmmmmmm

did infinite run out of props? hmmmmmm





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Arnd DewaldShanghai, 2011


Arnd Dewald
Shanghai, 2011





Since ppl are bringing up 2pm I rmb when they were the first Kpop band I ever liked n I had so much feels for them until they came back w some lukewarm shit after 2yrs of inactivity


girl’s day cutie line

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1. How was your day today? 

normal i guess. went to school and tried to stay awake u_u

2.Do you like the country you are living in now? Any plans on moving?

No I hate sg I feel like I’m in a safety bubble all the time and I’m so familiar with my surroundings. I want to move to an asian country (preferably Japan) so at least I don’t get culture shock/ can still eat good asian food everyday !! The only thing that will rlly force me to be independent and hopefully make me have a fresh perspective on my generally shitty life will be going overseas. 

3. What languages do you want to learn?

Cantonese and Japanese!

4.What would be your escape route if you accidentally entered the opposite gendered toilet, and people started to queue for your cubicle?

I would just stay in the cubicle and act like i have a rlly bad stomach ache then escape after LOL (kelley is this inspired by justin’s story) 

5.Favourite Bands or songs?

California Dreaming -The Mamas & the Papas, My Days -Leah Dou, King Krule, Miniature Tigers (only their older songs), Math & Physics club, Kings of Convenience, EXO, got7, infinite, CNBLUE, akdong musician, IU

6.What would you do if you got to meet your bias?ヽ(;▽;)ノ

take a selfie w him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! touch him!!!!!!!!!!!! hug him!!!!!!!!!!!!! (am i creepy… … its just frustrating when im at a concert n my bias is like 1m away n i cant touch so pls understand my compulsion to touch my bias LOL) 

7.Movie recommendations?

All of Wong Kar Wai’s films (esp fallen angels n chungking express), MARY IS HAPPY MARY IS HAPPY, Yi Yi directed by Edward Yang, Alice in Wonderland (disney cartoon version, not crappy Tim Burton one), Amélie, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, I’m A Cyborg but that’s OK

8.What is your biggest worry right now?

how well (or badly) I will do for the IB and really just my future because I honestly don’t see any bright prospects ahead of me. I want to get a job I like when I’m done w uni and all but I just don’t see anything I can do which I will genuinely enjoy doing? (except florist/book shop owner/cafe owner/concept store owner but all are just v stupid aspirations)

9.A proud achievement?

this is sad to admit but all my proud achievements are just small assignments I do in school n do well for. I think this rlly reflects on the fact that doing well academically is the only thing that truly matters to me now and that only good marks can make me feel like I’m a worthy person?? idk i feel quite fucked up about this 

10.Three things that made you smile recently?

1.) when my mom bought me moomin pajama pants, 2.) when my mom gave me a shinzi katoh jar filled w fruit flavored chocolate 3.) When I read Sunny by Taiyo Matsumoto 


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A Better Tomorrow (John Woo, 1986)


A Better Tomorrow (John Woo, 1986)

got7 is ruining my life……… .. … ..


Out Getting Ribs - King Krule

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